The Best Standing Desk Chair – Top Five Review

Ever heard of a standing desk? Of course you have, haven’t you? So, you’re one of those people who have never really had a thing for standing. Actually, your lifestyle is quite sedentary and you love it. You spend most of your day on your bum. Then one day you feel a searing pain course right through your spine. Your lower back begins to thump rigidly, mildly paralyzing you for an instance. You need to stand, you need to straighten your back and let this pain pass. Mercifully, standing actually helps.

You retake your place on the chair but you feel the pain re-surge. Sitting is apparently doing you no good. Your doctor confirms, you need to exercise and spend more time on your feet. The solution; a standing desk. But a standing desk isn’t just for those with back problems. Actually, recent studies show that standing is actually beneficial to your health. It does reduce back pain but it also helps lower blood sugar, lower risk of weight gain and, get this, improves mood and energy level.

Now, here’s the flip side. You spend so much time on your feet that your knees get tired and your feet start to ache. Seeing as you traded in your normal desk for a standing one, you can’t take a seat and still get some work done, or can you? You most certainly can with a standing desk chair, God’s gift to standing desk users. With this heavenly piece of furniture, you enjoy flexibility. You can stand and work, then when you get tired and need to take a load off, sit down and still maintain the same height as your desk.

There are so many standing desk chairs to choose from that, if you’re like me, choosing the right one can be daunting. So we sifted through the piles and piles of chairs for standing desks and emerged with a top five list.

What to look for in a Standing Desk Chair

The standing desk chairs come in an assortment of shapes, sizes, colors and designs. With such huge offering, what should you look for depending on your needs? I say the first thing is definitely comfort. It needs to be that companion that receives you eagerly after you have been standing for some time. The kind you don’t want to leave because he’s so warm and chummy. The kind that doesn’t complain when you stay too long. Your choice of chair shouldn’t start creaking and wobbling after a few weeks of sitting action. Choose one that is strong enough to accommodate your weight. It isn’t fun falling off any chair, let alone one that needs to go as high as these do.

Speaking of which, in our quest for the perfect chair for standing desks, we found some that couldn’t, as it were, rise to the occasion. These chairs clung on to ground level so hard. In short, find a chair that easily adjusts to those highs. If one doesn’t go high enough, run from it. And finally, pricing. Yes, I know cheap can be expensive but based on what you need and what the standing desk chair is offering, you might find one that is affordable yet quite functional.

So, go easy on your pockets if you can. All right, without further a do, I bring to you our top five.

LexMod Veer Drafting Stool

So yes, this oLexMod Veer Drafting Stool (chair), Blackne calls itself a stool. Trust me, it looks and acts nothing like a stool. It is however a very beautiful looking chair (stool) if you like mesh backs.

LexMod’s chair comes with foldable arms that you can retract if you want to scooch right up to the desk. The back is slightly curved to give you a nice sitting posture, making it great for people with back issues. It’s shape does make it quite comfortable for prolonged sitting. The stool (chair) has a pneumatic height adjustment system. What this means is that raising it up isn’t an effort in futility. It rises high enough to reach those high standing desks especially if you’re a tall person.

This chair for standing desk, however, has a few cons. It doesn’t recline. Not even a little bit. So, if you like to slouch back on the seat, you won’t find this missing feature appealing. Also, a user had an issue with the metallic footrest ring. It worryingly broke off after a few weeks of use. It might be an isolated case but you might want to take a bit more care of this one.

That said, the price isn’t too bad. At $106.34 on Amazon, this chair comes at a much lower price than a good number of similar stools (I still insist it’s chair.)

Safco – Metro Extended Height Chair

Safco Products 3442BL Metro Extended Height Chair Right, this Safco product hasn’t got an identity crisis. It’s a chair, it knows it’s a chair and doesn’t try to be hip and cool and rename itself to a stool. The standing desk chair oozes confidence. It stands tall and endearing. The back and seat and fabric upholstered and thickly cushioned. The back rest has a lovely contour that embraces your back the moment they meet. This chair will love you and you will love it. However, it isn’t just good looks. It is durable and functional and can handle being sat on by even those on the plus side. It isn’t prejudiced. The ergonomics are superb.

With its tilt mechanism, this seat doesn’t compromise comfort for functionality and you won’t have to as well. The build quality is good making it quite durable. So, you’re sitting there wondering, this is all too good to be true. Well, to some extent, it isn’t. However, there is a bit of a down side. First the metal ring foot rest constantly loosens and slides down the shaft. You will have to keep tightening it every so often. The plastic sleeve between the foot ring and the shaft isn’t very durable, aggravating the sliding footrest ring problem. Then, the armrests are sold separately.

Maybe to some, this isn’t so bad but to me, I would like the choice of whether or not I can have the armrest not depend on how much I spend. And speaking of spending, this baby will cost you $195.54. That’s right, almost twice the cost of the Lexmod Veer Drafting Stool. Still, what the Metro offers makes it totally worth the cost if you’re willing to tighten the footrest ring every once in a while.

Learniture Adjustable height Active Learning Stool.

Learniture LNT-RIA3052RD-SO Adjustable-Height Active Learning Stool, RedThis is one of my personal favorites. First because it actually is a stool. It’s got personality, verve and a sort of vim for life. This stool for standing desk is for you if you work hard but don’t like to be too serious. It has great ergonomics, is highly portable and is great for those who are serious about the work while standing culture.

The Learniture has the ability to tilt to whatever side without losing balance. But be warned, don’t get too adventurous with this feature, especially on the backward tilts. I suspect it might get rather perilous. Still, you can create the illusion that you’re standing while sitting down. If you need to relax, but not be completely seated, then you will enjoy having this standing desk stool. Then, when you feel like it’s time to get on your feet, the Learniture will obligingly move aside. It isn’t heavy at all.

At first I thought it didn’t look very comfortable. I was wrong. This stool is more comfortable than it looks. Maybe it’s because you can easily switch positions on it. I wouldn’t say it’s as comfortable as the other standing desk chairs on this list but it isn’t really a chair, is it? However, the polyurethane foam with vinyl upholstery does help. The stool is also good for those with back pains and need to be in vertical or near vertical stretched positions.

It is also quite easy to assemble. It’s actually more than quite easy. It needs no tools and the whole process takes less than five minutes.

The cost, $106.70. Not bad, right? Well, this standing desk stool isn’t fragile at all, but that’s if you don’t let too many people try it out. It might not hold out for too long under high traffic. However, that said, it would be an excellent choice if you’re looking for that perfect chair, I mean, stool for standing desks.

Flash Furniture- Contemporary Quilted Vinyl Adjustable Height Bar Stool

Flash Furniture Contemporary Purple Quilted Vinyl Adjustable Height Barstool with Chrome BaseRight, I absolutely love this one. It’s beautiful, classy, stylish and comes in various colors i.e brown, orange, black, green, purple, yellow and red. This piece of Flash Furniture looks like it’s stuck some where between a stool and a chair. It wants to show the maturity and formality of an office chair but doesn’t want to be stuck wearing a suit and tie to be taken seriously. If you want a chair for standing desks for your home or office that has a bubbly personality, look no further. There’s definitely a color that will suit your taste. This chair stands out especially if you buy the brighter colors, it’ll be the first thing people notice when they walk into the room. And not in a bad, screaming out way, no. This chair attracts attention effortlessly.

It certainly has the looks but it doesn’t end there. It has what is called, a mid back design. This means your back gets the necessary support if you are a bit of a chair sloucher. When it comes to comfort, this chair/ stool knows how to give it. The black, however, doesn’t seem as soft as the others but it’s still comfortable enough.

To get a little nit picky, the base of the chair isn’t as heavy as I would want. In case you’re too fidgety on the seat, you might easily lose balance. The faux leather, also, might seem a little on the tacky side. But that’s neither here nor there.

It is an overall excellent chair that is a stool except that it is a chair. Anyway, the price is jaw dropping amazing. Wait for it, $63.76. The cheapest so far and also includes Free Shipping. So, if you want something affordable but still offers great ergonomics, you might want to try out this contemporary vinyl bar stool.

The Boss- Be Well Medical Spa Drafting Stool

Boss Office Products B16245-BK Be Well Medical Spa Drafting Sool with Back in BlackHere’s one user favorite. The Boss- Be Well Drafting Stool used as a standing desk chair is both elegant and stylish. It’s like that colleague who, though never makes jokes, always gets the job done and gets it done well. This chair will go as high as you need it and as low as you want it to go. Really, the adjustment heights are great. If you’re tall and would want to take it higher than most, worry not, the Be Well has got your back.

And speaking of backs, this chair’s design is made to emulate the natural shape of your spine. It will allow your back to lay snugly onto it and grant you sitting comfort. It most especially is good for those with back issues. The height adjustable chair is also quite sturdy even under heavy use. And by heavy use I mean that wheeling around in the office if you lack the motivation to rise. And with the comfort of this one, you will rarely want to rise. Well, that’s actually not so good so check out this solution if that ever happens to you.

The tall chair for standing desk can also handle the slightly heavier individuals. It has proven to be very durable. It handles abuse in the hands of a more enthusiastic owner well and won’t give in quickly. I also like the vinyl used as it is easy to clean and maintain. For all this, what’s the wallet damage? $77.56. An excellent deal, if you ask me.

And the King of the Standing Desk Chairs is …

Boss Office Products B16245-BK Be Well Drafting Sool with Back in BlackSo here we are, it’s time to crown the king of the standing desk chairs. But let me just say, the chairs listed above are among the best you can find in the market, no doubt about it. If you are overwhelmed by all the choices there are, then we just narrowed it down to five. All right, drum rolls please. Based on comfort, durability, affordability and functionality, we think the best standing chair is The Boss- Be Well Medical Spa Drafting Stool. At its price, you get a chair that will go easy on your back and takes a bit of a beating while maintaining the ergonomic quality. It is among the most affordable in this least but is by no means the cheapest in quality.

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