Cheaper Height Adjustable Desk Alternatives

You have been thinking about getting one of these height adjustable desk. Yes, sitting is killing us! Did you know, height adjustable desks are not the only solution to fight against extended sitting time issues? Let’s look into cheaper Height Adjustable Desk alternatives.

The cheapest Height Adjustable Desk alternatives

The Obvious alternative

Drink water! Drinking a lot of water through the day will naturally urge you to stand up and go to the toilet more often. Checkout this drinking reminder water bottle. It is effective but I find it a little harsh and too difficult to control yourself towards the end of the day. Not to mention the health risk of actually drinking too much.

For your smartphone

Download a free Sitting Timer App for your iPhone, Android or Windows smartphone or even directly on your computer. I invite you to try it out but I found it too easy to forget to start and stop the counter every time I get up. There is however a smart solution along this idea, I’ll come back to this further bellow.

Just higher 

A fixed-height standing desk, for “Standing Only” is an alternative for your healthy desk station. In fact this is certainly the choice most people end up doing. Don’t forget the best standing desk Stool as standing for too long isn’t good either! And as you will be standing a lot, don’t forget to choose the best standing desk Mat, it makes a difference.

The technology geek Height Adjustable Desk Alternatives

Do like technology? You have certainly heard of all this tracking bracelets to keep you fit? Some of them like the FitBit will let you know if you haven’t been moving enough in the last X hours.

The downside is that you have to wear the bracelet, this is obviously the whole point of a wearable. But what if I don’t want to wear a tracking device all day long and only care about not sitting too long? Also, you might already be standing while working, in which case don’t you find it funny to have a $400 Apple Watch telling you to stand up. Just because you were not moving enough doesn’t mean you are sitting… duh!

The innovative 

A UK startup has come up with a brilliant idea; let the chair alert you when you are sitting too much! A little sensor fixed to your (any) chair will notify you when you have been sitting for too long. This smart sitting timer isn’t too intrusive while being more precise than a tracker bracelet. The gadget has Bluetooth Low Energy to connect to the smartphone, computer or smart watch. Check it out: smart sitting timer.


There are different approaches to avoiding sitting for too long without paying the premium price for an Sit Stand Desk. Which one best suits you is certainly part of everyone’s personality.

Do you know another option, cheaper than a Height Adjustable Standing Desk? Let us know in the comments 🙂

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