Finding The Best Standing Desk Mat

If you own a standing desk, you should look into getting an anti-fatigue standing desk mat. Unfortunately, finding the best standing desk mats can be confusing if you never had one before. It’s important you understand what a mat is for and how to choose the best standing desk mat. Why is it so important? Not using the best mat could really come back to haunt you later.

What Is A Standing Desk Mat

If you walk into an office store looking for a new desk, you will likely come across a standard sitting desk complete with a few shelves, a few color options, and a suggested office chair. That’s the old way of desk shopping.


Electric Adjustable Height Standing Desk

Electric Adjustable Height Standing Desk

There is a trend among computer users and office people to use a standing desk that allows for more freedom of movement and better posture, creating a more productive work environment and protecting the health of the individual user.


Sitting down at a desk for 8-12 hours per day over a period of years will take its toll on your body, whether it’s knee pain, backaches, or even blood clots from the lack of movement.


Many office workers are taking back their workspace by utilizing standing desks that can be purchased from specialized desk retailers and some brick & mortar outlets.


The desks are obviously higher up than a standard sitting desk, which will require some changes to your office or general workspace. Included is no longer using that comfortable, ergonomically friendly office chair that cost a lot of money. Now it’s time to use that chair somewhere else in your office or home!


If you already have a standing desk, or are considering buying a standing desk to improve your work environment and health, there is one more big decision to make.


A standing desk mat.


These colorful-mats featuring brands like Topo and Homey are very different from the standard office desk mat that you’re used to. This mat is not designed to protect your floor or carpet from a rolling chair, but rather to protect your feet and overall body while standing in front of a computer for long periods of time.


At first glance, the standing desk mat looks like an exercise mat that you might see in a TV infomercial complete with aerobic instructors twisting back and forth to demonstrate the product.


Or, some mats look like a bathroom scale, making you wonder if numbers are suddenly going to flash on a hidden screen letting you know how much you weigh at the end of the work day.


The bottom line is these mats look cool and feel great to stand on, all the while protecting your body in a new workspace setting.


There are several different types of standing desk mats, with different colors, shapes, features, textures, and technological advancements that try to meet the needs of each individual user.


In this guide, we will try to inform you of all the details, pricing, and customer reviews so that you can make an informed decision of which mat best matches your requirements.


Why You Should Get The Best Standing Desk Mat


If you have a standing desk, it is essential to have the best standing desk mat. It would be like a sales associate at Chanel walking the store floor for eight hours in flip-flops. It would not be good for your feet or back to have that much stress on the lower body without proper footwear to absorb the constant movement.


The same applies to standing in front of your desk for hours at a time. You need a product to absorb the stress on your body and provide a comfortable experience so that you can get work done and not worry about constantly shifting around or feeling uncomfortable with your posture.


Most standing desk mats carry the “anti-fatigue” label, which means using specialized material or technology to help your body stay strong while standing on your feet. Ample research has gone into these products to ensure proper usage of a standing desk.


Without the mat, you risk injuries to multiple areas of your body from standing in front of your desk for too long without proper support, like the Chanel associate walking around the store floor in flip-flops.


The sales associate obviously needs to find the right work shoes to thrive and not finish the day complaining about “my achy feet.” It’s important for that worker to take the time to find a shoe customized for his or her feet.


The same applies to finding the right mat to give you the support you need and ensure a positive change in work environment. Otherwise, you might end up back in your sitting desk with the same bad habits and bad posture because you did not make a proper transition to a standing desk. The mat is the key!


What To Look For in the Best Standing Desk Mat


As we mentioned before, there are a variety of mats available for purchase that come in different shapes, sizes, and colors, and with their own unique features.


So, what makes the best standing desk mat the best?


– One of the big factors to consider is the nature of your workspace, such as whether you will be standing in one place for long periods of time, or if you will be constantly moving around.


– This might sound silly, but will you be wearing shoes while standing in front of your computer? Or, do you have a workspace where you can take off your shoes and just wear socks?


Mats vary in thickness, which means wearing shoes on some mat surfaces for eight hours at a time might cause them to wear down rather quickly.


Other mats are built to handle constant use, including from shoes, with thick surfaces or multi-layered support systems to ensure the top layer is not handling all of the stress.


Our guide will identify which mats are designed specifically for shoes, only socks, or both to maximize comfort, effectiveness, and durability.


– How big are your feet? Some mats look like skateboards that might be tough for individuals with large feet to comfortably use throughout the day. Other mats look like the manufacturer cut out a piece of an exercise treadmill to create enough space for two individuals to stand and work together.


You want to make sure your feet have ample room on the mat surface; otherwise you might find the product to be troublesome. If you are unable to test out a mat in-person, be sure to find online customer reviews that sound similar to your situation to see which mat applies best to your specifications.


– Do you want a raised or flat mat surface? A lot of research has gone into anti-fatigue mats that are raised at a certain level, or have sections that are raised to custom-fit your feet.


There are also standard mats that are simply a rectangular or square piece of material that does the job just fine to absorb and distribute stress on your body. This type of mat will be the least expensive, while the technologically advanced raised surfaces will cost more.


Despite the cost, the benefits of a raised or custom mat are tremendous for computer users standing in one place for long periods of time. If you are able to move around throughout the day in your workspace, then a basic-level mat will suffice.


– One final factor when it comes to finding the right mat is your own personality and what message you want to send about your workspace.


Those old, standard office mats for your standard office chair usually come in a bland, clearish color to blend in with your workspace and not be noticed. The standing desk mat is much different, coming in a variety of different shapes, textures, and especially colors.


If you work in a marketing office where creativity is flowing, you should consider a colorful standing desk mat that helps engage your co-workers and gets your own ideas going.


Alternatively, you might be looking for a mat that matches or accentuates the floor or carpet in your workspace, requiring some color customization.


If you are simply looking for good, practical product to get the job done of supporting your feet, there are also standard black and brown mats that will blend in with most offices.


Product Reviews


If you’re new to the standing desk mat, you likely have not heard of the major brands. Or, perhaps you came across a friend or colleague who used a standing desk mat and were intrigued by the product.


This part of the guide will you help you know more about specific products, understand the top brands, find out what separates each product, learn about the minor details that could be a huge factor in making a decision, and then determine which product best meets your needs.


There are a lot of options when it comes to the standing desk mat market, so we have narrowed down our product review to seven of the top mats that can be found on We also included customer reviews from mat users to get an idea of how each product works in a real-life standing desk setting.


Comparative table

For your convenience, we have summarized in the following table the key points to Finding the Best Standing Desk Mat. These will be developed right bellow.

Homey Anti Fatigue Mat


Homey Standing Desk MatHomey’s standing desk mat is perhaps the most useful in your home, as it can be used in multiple rooms for a variety of purposes. But, it was not designed solely for your standing desk.


The large design makes it useful for one or two people, and can be placed in your office for general computer tasks, in the kitchen for cooking and cleaning, and in the garage for home projects.


Homey touts that the mat soothes your knees and joints, helps blood circulation, and increases comfort when standing for long periods of time.


The non-toxic mat comes in black and brown colors, is waterproof, and has a non-slip bottom surface that helps stabilize the mat for a variety of surfaces, like the carpet in your home office, the kitchen tile, or concrete garage floor.


Homey’s mat is one of the most popular products on all, receiving 97 percent five-star ratings. The other three percent are four-star ratings.


Customers who purchased the mat emphasized the benefits of the non-slip surface when using throughout their house. Of course, if you want to use your feet to kick or move the mat around, it won’t budge! So, the drawback is having to bend over to physically pick up and move the mat from spot to spot.


But, when standing on the mat, one customer noted that the mat makes it feel like there is a “really soft floor underneath you when standing on it.” Another customer said you have “no more pain” when standing in one spot for long periods of time. She added: “I will definitely be recommending this product to family and friends.”


Overall, Homey’s product is designed for multi-purpose use, so if you are strictly looking for a mat that goes with your standing desk, you might want to consider another option.


If you have a home office and also stand somewhere else in your home for long periods of time, this is a good product to consider because of its versatility, low price, and strong recommendation from customers.


– Customer Review Score: 5.0 out of 5.0. Price: $38.95.


Imprint CumulusPro Commercial Anti Fatigue Comfort Mat


Imprint CumulusPRO CommercialWhereas Homey’s mat is marketed toward general use, Imprint marketed their CumulusPro mat towards businesspeople and office professionals who want to “reduce fatigue and increase comfort and productivity.” This is the type of product that goes great with a standing desk.


The large mat has enough room for two people to stand together and collaborate at the computer, making it great for group projects or training programs at your standing desk.


The CumulusPro is slightly raised, but contains “no-curl edges” to help users avoid tripping on the mat when walking around their office or looking down at paperwork.


This is a non-toxic product that is marketed as environmentally friendly, safe for children and pets, and certified by the National Floor Safety Institute.


Customers who reviewed the product gave a five-star rating 95 percent of the time, emphasizing the size of the mat being great for an office setting.


The concern from customers is the difference between the Commercial and Professional product lines. The Commercial mat identified in this review is more recommended because of its stronger material to fit heavy-duty office settings.


Most office workers want to use the mat with their shoes on since it would be unprofessional to walk around the office in just their socks. The durable material makes it easy to use shoes and not worry about wear and tear.


But, if you plan on using the mat exclusively in your private office – with your shoes off! – the surface is perfect for just wearing socks. One reviewer noted that he “used it both with shoes on and off, and both methods have been comfortable compared to the wooden floor that I had been standing on in my office.”


– Customer Review Score: 4.9 out of 5.0. Price: $72.99.


Cush Comfort Tri-Layer Anti Fatigue Mat

Cush Comfort Standing Desk MatIn the first two reviews, we noted that Homey’s mat is marketed toward families and Imprint’s mat is marketed toward business professionals. Cush’s mat attempts to straddle the fence by marketing toward both audiences.


The marketing identifies this brown colored mat as good for “home and office use,” noting that customers can “stand comfortably at the kitchen sink or behind your desk without feeling achy or fatigued.”


Included in Cush’s “tri-layer” mat are three surfaces for maximum comfort: the top layer for pressure distribution, the center layer for impact absorption, and the bottom layer to avoid slippage by keeping the Cush Mat firmly in place during use.


Amazon customers who reviewed the product are a mix of homemakers who enjoyed using the mat in their kitchen, older individuals who got the support they needed for aches and pain, and office professionals who were able to stand better at their workstation – and now want to buy another mat for home use.


Customers also reported no smell or odor issues, which can be a problem with some rubber mats coming out of the package.


Another customer noted that the textured surface “adds to its non-slip capabilities,” making the mat more enjoyable for general use on any surface.


The mat does not have as many five-star reviews as the previous two mats we reviewed, but there were no negative reviews. The break down is 89 percent five-star ratings and 11 percent four-star ratings.


Like Homey‘s product, though, the Cush Comfort mat has elements that are geared for general use. If looking for a mat strictly to use with your standing desk, there are other options.


– Customer Review Score: 4.9 out of 5.0. Price: $39.97, competitive with Homey’s similar mat.


OASIS Non-Slip Anti Fatigue Comfort Mat


Oasis Standing Desk MatThe “Original OASIS MAT non-slip anti-fatigue comfort mat” gives you a lot of details in the title.


This non-toxic, waterproof, black colored mat looks like it’s best-suited for an office setting, but the product is also marketed toward home users who want a better experience.


The product is very similar to Homey’s anti fatigue mat, with slight differences in the dimensions and price.


Homey’s mat is 1.2 inches thick, while Oasis’s non-slip mat is 1.0 inch thick. As a result, Homey’s mat weighs 5.2 pounds and Oasis’s weighs 4.0 pounds.


Amazon customers were very pleased with the product, but the complaints varied. One customer said the foam surface was too squishy, while another customer said the mat was a little stiff.


Overall, people raved about the mat staying in one place hassle-free and addressing health concerns, like a degenerative back, just by standing on the surface.


It is another mat that is designed for multiple uses, though, so it is not solely designed for your standing desk.


– Customer Review Score: 4.8 out of 5.0. Price: $37.97, the lowest price in our review.


Sky Mat Anti Fatigue Standing Desk Mat


Sky Standing Desk Mat The Sky Mat looks and feels more like an office mat geared towards your standing desk workspace.


Sky touts the product being eco-friendly because of the high quality of materials. “You don’t have to worry about toxic fumes, your kids, or standing in your bare feet,” the manufacturer claims in the product description.


One of the nice features about the mat is that it comes in a variety of colors to match your standing desk or general office setting. Amazon lists the product in black, brown, khakl, blue, and red. If you want to add some personality to your workspace, this is great option.


One big concern is the Sky Mat is less than one inch thick, creating the question of whether you can wear shoes without causing wear and tear. According to an Amazon inquiry, the product is soft enough to not require shoes, but there is a lack of information of how long the product will hold up if wearing shoes on the surface for 8-10 hours per day.


Based on customer reviews, the mat sounds great for users not wearing shoes, as the surface feels like a “memory foam mattress,” according to one reviewer.


Customers who complained about the product said it was too cushiony for their purposes, not as supportive as expected, or wore out quickly in a work setting.


Whether or not you should purchase this mat comes down to how you plan to use it. If you desire a very responsive, cushiony feel when standing at your desk, then the Sky Mat is worth considering. If you desire a more durable product that will last for years after consecutive eight-hour shifts, then perhaps this mat is not the best fit.


– Customer Review Score: 4.8 out of 5.0. Price: $57.97, down from the original price of $77.97.


Butterfly Non-Flat Standing Desk Anti Fatigue Mat


Butterfly Standing Desk MatYes, this mat is shaped like a butterfly, as the name suggests.


The raised, non-flat, symmetrical mat comes with a wide design that separates your left and right foot. There is also a “teardrop” feature in the middle of the mat that helps create movement and range of motion for better blood flow.


The butterfly mat comes in a standard bright blue color, but the manufacturer is planning to roll out more colors.


The big question of whether to wear shoes or socks is a big concern for customers. One customer reported that wearing shoes while using the mat caused wear and tear.


The mat seems best used without shoes or by lighter individuals. One customer said the mat was too soft, which is along the lines of shoes causing wear and tear.


Another customer complained of slipping while standing on the mat, perhaps due to some of the ridges and bumps on the surface of the mat that add to the uniqueness of the product.


Overall, the Butterfly mat received a five-star rating in only 71 percent of reviews. That does not compare favorably to the other mats in our guide. It appears that the manufacturer needs to make revisions to the next line of the Butterfly mat. And, if you really like the design or color for your office setting, you should wait for improvements to be made.


– Customer Review Score: 4.3 out of 5. This is by far the lowest rating of the seven mats we reviewed. Price: $49.99, down from the original price of $129.99.


Topo by Ergodriven Non-Flat Standing Desk Anti Fatigue Mat


Ergodriven Topo Standing DeskOut of all the mats available in the marketplace, Ergodriven’s”Topo” standing desk mat is the most eye-catching. It also the most expensive because of the custom design for your feet.


The navy blue colored mat is shaped like a bent square, which means the top stretches a few inches more than the bottom to create more space for the top of your feet and a snug space for the bottom of your feet. In the middle of the bent square is a knob-like feature to separate your left and right feet.


Ergodriven calls Topo’s overall set of features the “calculated terrain” to draw attention to the technology that went into the design, which includes multiple positions.


Customers who have used this product noted that the terrain is “so comfortable in multiple positions that you will find yourself switching throughout the day because they all feel so relaxing.”


One of the drawbacks reported by customers is the smell out of the box. One customer reported that the smell went away after a few weeks once the mat was in an open-air environment. Another customer reported that the smell did not go away, stinking up his office. The good thing is the latter customer reported that Ergodriven offered to replace the mat with a new one.


Concerning actual use, you will have to determine whether to use the mat with or without shoes. One customer noted that his legs and feet felt “very sore” after using the mat without shoes. He then used shoes and was fine, but he wanted to use the mat just wearing socks to get the full enjoyment of cushioned support.


To get a sense of customer satisfaction, 90 percent of reviewers gave a five-star review. Written reviews highlighted the mat’s multiple positions, cushiness, and custom size for their feet.


This mat is not for everyone, though. It is by far the most expensive because of the technology that went into the product. Also, the super customized look and feel might be too much for users just seeking a basic mat that gets the job done.


– Customer Review Score: 4.7 out of 5. Price: $119, down from original price of $199.




Finding the best standing desk mat is challenging. It’s almost like shopping for a new pillow wanting to gauge the softness or stiffness, comfort, and size. But, there are enough really good mats available to find the right product for you.


The only product we would not recommend is the Butterfly Standing Desk Mat because of the concerns about the product’s stability and general use, unless you are really drawn to the unique design and color.


If price is a big factor for you, we would not recommend the Topo. There are enough good to great mats at much lower prices that will get the job done, despite the advanced technology that Ergodriven put into the mat.


Based strictly on customer reviews, Homey’s anti fatigue, non-slip standing mat is the best option. A rare 5.0 score means Homey did something right to deliver a product that meets the needs of everyone in the market.


But, when looking for a mat that is more specific to your professional, business, or home office needsusing the standing desk, the Imprint CumulusPro commercial mat beats its counterpart, the Sky Mat anti fatigue commercial mat.


Everyone is different, though, whether it be the condition of your feet, sensitivities to certain surfaces, amount of time walking versus standing, previous injuries such as back and neck aches, and whether you want to wear shoes or just socks when standing on the mat.


This goes back to one of our original questions about shoes versus socks. If you prefer to wear shoes while standing on the mat, aim for a product that has at least one inch of thickness, like Homey or Oasis. If you would prefer to wear socks, then a product like the Sky Mat will give you ample support and a quality feeling when standing at your desk.


When you narrow down the top products we reviewed in this guide, look at specific details of each mat and what customers had to say about their use and experience. That will help you decide which mat will provide the most benefits at the right price.


If you started out being unfamiliar with the mats in this review guide, we hope that you now have enough information to make a wise decision when it comes to your standing workspace.


The importance of a mat to accompany your standing desk cannot be over-stated. If you are advancing from a standard sitting desk to a healthier standing desk, do not make the situation worse by choosing the wrong mat.


The right kind of mat can improve your overall health, especially the condition of your feet, knees, and back, while also giving you a boost in work-place performance. This is especially true in afternoon crunch time when you will have an advantage over your standard-desk colleagues who are fatigued a few hours after lunch.


Make sure you find the best standing desk mat for your home, office, or general place of business to thrive during the workday. Otherwise, you might feel a different type of ache and pain from unsupported standing in front of a computer for hours at a time.


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